Kelly, born and raised in Kalispell, MT, started dealing poker in 2006. She moved to Bozeman, MT in 2008. Kelly has dealt for Lala Corp since January 2010. Her favorite food is anything the Seahawks like and her favorite hand is anything the Seahawks would like to play. Go Seahawks!




Lala Corp Poker is owned and operated by Jay & Sara Lala.

We opened our first poker room in February of 2005. We

have had poker rooms at 4 different locations around Bozeman

and Big Sky. After almost 12 years owning a game and a

combined 37 years of dealing experience, we pride ourselves on having one of the best action games and friendly, experienced dealers in the state!

jay & sara

Jay & Sara have been dealing poker together since 1999. Jay started dealing in 1996, three years before they met and fell in love at TJ's CardRoom. Jays favorite food is pepperoni pizza and his favorite hand is 9-10. Sara's favorite food is tacos and her favorite hand is 6-7.

jay & sara